General Division Local Rules – Amended May 15, 2024

Categories: General Division, Local Rules

Amended August 15, 2022
Amended January 1, 2024
Amended May 15, 2024

These Rules of Court shall apply in all proceedings in all divisions of the Geauga County Common Pleas Court unless inconsistent with any rules promulgated by the Supreme Court of Ohio or unless clearly inapplicable due to Ohio law or order of the judge to whom the case is assigned.

Rule 1. Scope
Rule 2. Court Administration
Rule 3. Case Management (General Division Only)
Rule 4. Broadcast and Television Coverage
Rule 5. Filing Fees and Costs
Rule 6. E-Filing Procedures
Rule 7. Pleadings and Motions
Rule 8. Judgment Entries and Findings
Rule 9. Pre-Trial Procedures
Rule 10. Trial Procedures
Rule 11. Divorce, Legal Separation, Annulment & Dissolution of Marriage
Rule 12. Foreclosure, Partition and Quiet Title Actions
Rule 13. Judicial Sales
Rule 14. Receivership
Rule 15. Geauga County Common Pleas Court Jury Use and Management Plan for All Geauga County Jurors
Rule 16. Withdrawal of Counsel
Rule 17. Continuances
Rule 18. Notary Public Commission
Rule 19. Use of Videotape
Rule 20. Child Support Enforcement Division
Rule 21. Medical Claim Arbitration (R.C. § 2711.21)
Rule 22. Juror Selection
Rule 23. Citation of Rules
Rule 24. Arbitration
Rule 25. Court Security Policy and Procedures Plan
Rule 26. Expert Witnesses
Rule 27. Reproduction of Hospital Records
Rule 28. Record of Proceedings, Transcripts, Exhibits
Rule 29. Service by Publication
Rule 30. Mediation
Rule 31. [Reserved for Future Use]
Rule 32. Certificate of Qualification for Employment
Rule 33. Establishment of Specialized Docket: Drug Court
Rule 34. Court Technology Plan
Rule 35. Parenting Coordinators